Adding Discount Codes

We apologize for any troubles in not being able to put in a different discount code. There was a minor bug in the discounting that would not allow you to put in a different code than the automatic discount. This has been fixed, so if you have a different code other than the code on the product page, you can now enter it.  We're very sorry for any confusion.

To add a discount code, use one of the following set of instructions depending on your device:

On Any Device:

  • You can add the discount code on the Payment page

On Mobile/Tablet

  • From the Cart page, click 'Checkout Now'
  • Under the logo towards the top of the screen, tap 'Show order summary'
  • That will open up part of the screen and you will be able to type in your discount code

On Desktop

  • From the Cart page, click 'Checkout Now'
  • Type in your discount code on the right side of your screen